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Healing Better Together!

Creating a Culture of Authenticity and Belonging in the World of Healing

Why You Should Join the Thrivers Collective for Life and Business After Trauma?

We are a group of diverse misfits and old souls on a healing journey.


The Thrivers Collective for Life and Business after Toxic Stress and Trauma is a community of ambitious entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs and other Big Dreamers who:

…value the support of a community as they reconnect with themselves, 

…heal from toxic stress and trauma and 

…live the life of their dreams 

with confidence, authenticity and prosperity. 

Are you ready to heal and grow past those things that are holding you back?

If so - WE WELOME YOU HOME!  This community it for you!


Our Thrivers Collective is designed to help you form real connections with real people.

Here you can expect:

  • To feel safe.
  • To be seen, heard, valued, and cared for.
  • A judgment-free zone.
  • A community that supports healing at your pace.
  • To feel safe sharing openly.
  • To gain clarity and new ways of thinking to overcome your challenges.

We are committed to learning, healing and growing by

*sharing information on various modalities, toxic stress and trauma to support the healing process, 

*starting and growing impactful businesses, 

*dreaming big and to transform those big dreams into our reality.

All while surrounded by like-minded people.

Who is Ascension Wellness?

Founded by Amy Lloyd, a leader in Empowerment Coaching, trauma recovery and trauma education, Ascension Wellness has grown to include many Wellness Providers who practice a plethora of modalities from coaching, meditation, Cranial Sacral Therapy to nutrition, body work, energy work and much more and are working with men, women, the LGBQIA+ community, BIPOC and other communities.     

The one piece Amy felt was missing from all these approaches was community.  The Thrivers Collective provides cohesion, bringing all the parts together, where you can deepen awareness, broaden perspective and never ever feel alone again.

Ascension Wellness seeks to

● Democratize trauma by making it widely understood and recognized and to

● Destigmatize holistic wellness by making a wide array of modalities and resources known and available

to heal existing pain and illness, prevent future pain and illness, and build a wellness mindset that supports an abundant life.

What Can You Expect to Receive?


Start or progress in your healing journey with skills and practices that have helped others.  Every healing journey is deeply personal, so it can be challenging to know what’s right for you.  Every week, our members share what they have tried, what has worked and will help you decide what might be best for you.


You will be surrounded by like-minded people from different walks of life, people who you will inspire and people who will inspire you, people who are as vulnerable as you are so you don’t have to worry about being judged.


You would be supported and encouraged to share and grow at your pace, by people who have been in your shoes, who understand that it’s not all in your head.  As your healing deepens, you will grow into your best self, living your best life.

A Big Thanks

This amazing community could not be what it is without our amazing Wellness Providers and our amazing members - people just like you!

We offer a heart-felt THANK YOU to each of you brave souls daring to embark on your healing adventure, daring to support others on their healing adventure and daring to show up every day, putting yourself first, determining to live your best life as your best self.  Sincerely.

This is how we are healing into a world full of endless possibilities! 

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